South 50 Farms is an all natural, grass-fed beef farm located in southern Ontario, Canada.  Our farm is committed to providing you and your family with a healthy, local and delicious alternative to conventional supermarket beef.

About Us

As ninth generation residents of Port Hope, Ontario, Ian & James Sculthorpe are at the helm of South 50 Farms, a family venture situated on land that has been in the Sculthorpe family since 1850.

In contrast to conventional beef farms our cattle are never placed in commercial feed-lots or given growth hormones or antibiotic feed.  Instead our cattle are raised from birth to market on our family farm where they are pastured on grass in the growing season and fed hay in the winter.  This ensures all our beef is raised in a humane and environmentally sustainable manner.

At South 50 Farms we raise both Angus and Hereford cattle.  Both breeds excel on an all-grass diet which ensures the highest quality product for our customers.

Why Grass Fed Is Best

Increased health benefit for you and your family. When compared to conventional supermarket grain-fed beef, grass-fed beef is scientifically proven to be lower in saturated fats, contain more Omega 3’s, more linoleic acid (cancer fighting agent) and more Vitamin A & E. (

No Hormones, Antibiotics feed or Animal by-products in your beef. All our beef is raised on a natural diet of grass and hay; exactly what nature intended cows to eat.

Support sustainable and local Ontario agriculture.  All our cattle are raised from birth to harvest on our family farm just outside Port Hope, Ontario, where we implement environmentally sustainable and humane practices to benefit the lives of both our cattle and our customers.

How To Buy

Retail Locations

Sanagan’s Meat Locker

206 Baldwin Street (Kensington Market)

Toronto, ON